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Tiger Fight, October 12, Juventus coach Pirlo recently accepted an exclusive interview with UEFA’s official website and talked about how he transformed from a player to a coach and some of his experience in coaching Juventus.


During the period when I just retired, I felt like I was doing nothing all day, so I started to learn the job of coaching. As a result, I developed a stronger enthusiasm for being a coach every day, and finally became a coach almost automatically. I’m very fortunate to have worked with many excellent coaches in my career, such as Lucescu, who was my enlightenment coach, Lippi, Ancelotti, Conte and Allegri. I’m very lucky to be Working with these world's top marshals, I will try to learn from others.


He is a role model for everyone. He started from the Barcelona echelon and succeeded in the Barcelona first team. He has proven time and time again that he is one of the best coaches in the world. For a new coach who wants to build a system from scratch, Guardiola is a good learning object. Although everyone should have their own ideas and follow their own ideas, I think Guardiola La is a role model worth learning.


It’s a pleasure to work with them. Several people have helped me a lot. In fact, it is not easy for them to regard me as a coach. After all, everyone has been teammates for so many years. However, it probably took them only a few hours to recognize my role, adapt to this change, and take a positive attitude. My former teammates can best understand what it means to play for Juventus. They know that Juventus’ goal is to win. After playing with me for so many years, they know what spirit I want to convey to the team. They will continue to help me throughout the next season, pass on my ideas, and use experience to help the team.


It must be a lot of pressure on the coaching bench, because when I was playing, I was the protagonist on the field. I can decide how to play the ball. Now although I can line up, the players on the field have the final say. It is more difficult. When I play football, I have my own way of playing. I know exactly what to do when I encounter a situation. I can deal with it calmly in different situations, but now I can only command off the court.


We have a lot of young and capable players. They have a lot of room for growth. When some players enter the end of their careers, it is the right choice to train young people. Fortunately, we have signed these young players and give them time. I believe they can grow into champions, just like those on the team now.


I am very happy to have such a player who is a symbol of world football, and to be able to coach such a player every day, which not only brings great pleasure to me but also to the whole team. He is 35 years old, but he is passionate about football like a child, and he works so hard every day. This is undoubtedly an example for everyone.


Every opponent in the Champions League is very strong. There is no big team here, so you must be very focused and positive when playing against any opponent. You can't make a mistake. The Champions League is very difficult, and many moments will determine the game, especially after the return of the winter break. I think the most difficult period to play in the Champions League is March. Many teams have not recovered their rhythm after the winter break, but some teams have adapted. At the same time, there are some chances in the Champions League. For example, getting a good lottery will make your game easier, but if the team is in poor condition during the knockout round, it may lose the entire season.


My goal is to always attack football and take the initiative in the game, no matter where we are in any stadium, we have to play our own football. Whether it is at the Bernabeu or where, it will not change the way we play.


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